Saturday, November 11, 2006

Webb turns corner, Dean should arrive to the same point.

Carville is already carving up the turkee and trying to get Dean into a retaliatory sound byte.

Howard's learned the art of restraint and will play it low key when confronted with the issue. You'll be surprised how he changes the topic towards key domestic issues.

He should make the point that nobody questions health care for the troops, but some groups don't fulfill the obligation.

We need to expand this concern towards all Americans, we can model health care availability and pricing upgrades towards our troops as a way to help do the same for all Americans.

Bring medicine costs down with bulk purchase power.
Oh, since everyone says "President Bush" or "Senator McCain" we need to say "Dr. Howard Dean" and emphasize his health care expertise.

You saw how James Webb turned the corner from foreign policy towards socioeconomic concerns. Let's see every Democrat find a way to do that. Take an issue of the war and contrast it to similar concerns in your local/national races.

Carville thinks he called Dean out. Howard should not hammer him, he should keep his focus on the message.


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