Tuesday, August 31, 2004

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Help 'preciated...
by Mr Murder

Sun Aug 1st, 2004 at 21:33:48 GMT

The Senate vote record for Mr.Kerry lists nothing on appropriations.
The Senate.gov site lists no votes past the most recent fiscal year in row call forms.

The 87 Billion Kerry voted for and helped amend included a PAID FOR VOTE.

Since Bush's 87 billion was not paid for it has drained quarterly totals as well in terms of interest.

Which appropriations number was it, unless the number is known backtracking interest is difficult.

We need to see the interest compiled plus the remaining balance and have a fair comparison of the difference between Bush's bill and Kerry's.

Finally another portion of the Bush bill included private security contractors for a Florida financial summit that featured strongarm treatment of peaceful assembly protesters. Many of the security hires were alien torts as well. Remember this 10,000 strong armed force was about the time that Bushco started asking to count visa/greencard jobs as American work force stats for the Dept. of Labor.

So we have three comparisons in the Kerry 87 billion vote to make Bushco's lowly deeds be compared to a paid for plan.

Our soldiers still go undersupplied? The Bush bill passed so it cannot be on Kerry. It will be made known in the debate.

Yeoman's poll:
by Mr Murder

Sat Jul 31st, 2004 at 18:34:23 GMT

Who would you like to have a beer and share company with? Supposedly George Bush is that man, but given the following choices he should perhaps finish last...
Tell us what beer it would be as well. Aside from Heineken(high end) or Old Style(my tab)... I'd settle for an autographed batch of Billy Beer.

Who to drink with...
· John Kerry 75%
· George Bush 0%
· Billy Carter 16%
· Roger Clinton 8%

Votes: 36

Who to drink with...

John Kerry 27 votes - 75 %
George Bush 0 votes - 0 %
Billy Carter 6 votes - 16 %
Roger Clinton 3 votes - 8 %

What about Obama? (none / 0)

Personally, I would like to have a brew with Obama. He's about my age and from the interview with Andre 3000 (on the end of real time with Bill Maher)he seems very down to earth and personable. Kerry on the other hand, he comes off as The Boss, very serious which is what is need in the Oval office.

Take Bubba's stick away from him and beat him with it.
by Thamos777 on Sat Jul 31st, 2004 at 22:57:57 GMT
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I'd like to drink with Bush (none / 0)

Maybe then he'll stop acting like a dry drunk, acting out irrationally, and compulsively spending our tax money like a drunken sailor. His actions are definitely those of an unrecovered addict.
Give him one drink and we can only hope he won't stop drinking until he's hit bottom. Only then can we possibly stop him from indulging in this reckless behavior. Unfortunately, things would probably get worse for us before it gets better for him. And if he's incapacitated by drink while still in office, the puppetmasters will probably take complete control and we are truly fucked.

Oh, well. I guess I'll just drink with Kerry. At least if he got drunk, his babbling would be interesting.

"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values" ~ The Big Dawg

by John Campanelli on Sat Jul 31st, 2004 at 23:07:18 GMT
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Kerry now garners that choice with straight talk. (none / 0)

Bush is the odd man out as usal. Obama is someone to lead discussions on all kinds of topics, but somehow it strikes me less that he would be the kind to drink now.
His experiences with such were during times he was still finding himself and lokking for a vision to decide upon. He's there now.

The point of the poll is that beer drinking is not a Presidential prerequisite. Cart and CLinton had brothers who were great to drink with but by no means were of themselves Presidential.

It just shows how low the standard is set with GWB. Traits you would not want of a mayor of school board member, the lowest levels of Executive authority, becomes the 'damage control motto' of Bush.

I was going to Bill Clinton on the list, after the fact. But he doesn't play in this current poll and his brother is beating Bush at his "strength" in the poll.

Born in the West Wing-Bring It On!

by Mr Murder on Sat Jul 31st, 2004 at 23:07:31 GMT
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Having had the displeasure (none / 0)

of Roger Cinton's company up close and personal, I must warn the three of you who voted for him that you would end up clawing out your own eyeballs in an attempt to get someone to call 911 and rescue you from his boorish, ignorant, sexist, drug-addled and thoroughly enervating "conversation."

Maryscott O'Connor -- Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.
by Maryscott OConnor on Sat Jul 31st, 2004 at 23:34:49 GMT
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Billy Carter's deceased (none / 0)

which could make for a very interesting conversation, if you believe in those sorts of things.
I'd opt for him hoping maybe he'll bring some interesting denizens from the afterlife along. But only because of that.

(And I'd drink a Rolling Rock, if I had to drink beer. Find I don't like beer so much in my old age.)

"Consult the genius of the place in all things" - Alexander Pope

by a gilas girl on Sun Aug 1st, 2004 at 00:10:54 GMT
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oops (none / 0)

Sorry about that. It would make an autograph more valuable as well.
Next round toast to the memory, tip the bartender, and rest in peace.

Well the Roger Clinton pick comes with Mena Cocaine or Hillbilly Crank. Until the Afghan flights can come in. The new Bush contras will arrange that soon...

Born in the West Wing-Bring It On!

by Mr Murder on Sun Aug 1st, 2004 at 03:49:44 GMT

Post election meme...
by Mr Murder
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Tue Jul 27th, 2004 at 14:19:02 GMT

This information should be pursued once office is secured. Diluting the powerful 1-2 kick of an inclusive eoconmy and a world policy that makes sense and limits loss are two selling points of merit enough.
We have a prosecutor and lawmaker who served with courage personally. We have his wife as an opinionated philanthropist/charitable mogul.
Then we have a self-made lawyer, his professional homemaking wife, in childraising exemplary mode. He is a gifted speaker who will make a case for a better America to the world abroad and to Congress within the Senate as a potential tiebreak vote.

Diaries :: Mr Murder's diary ::

The respect for procedure and attention to detail of John Kerry coupled with Edward's ability to state a clear case that can win over a jury of voting peers is enough.
Remember after we're in office what must become priorities:(follwing is my atrios comments post)

Jimmy Carter was big on enviro, education issues. And balancing a budget. Seems the CIA wing decided to push war with Iran back then.

Got ours back alive. Lost some soldiers covertly unfortunately. But he did not get us into Armageddon scenarios and got Camp David accords to succeed.

It seems we made stands on values then. Embargo to Iraq for their treatment of people on human rights. Iran was an holdout oil enemy at the time with hostages. Then our Saudi allies deliberately tightened spigots to cause a recession. It profited them enormously.

Carter was making inroads to mileage standards, and even renewable energy.

The community college here was quite a bold undertaking. It was designed to be the first fully powered solar facility. It was burdened then. About the time semiconductors became feasable reality others took over bond underwriting and scaled back and eliminated the solar panels. At the same time a swath of land granted behind the school powered someone else's house via windmills. The people moved off, their house burning in what could arguably called arson scams... but that is moot.

Just as the technology became 100% feasable for renewables the powers that be bought it up and trashed it. A house ran off power of a similar nature nearby and sold some back to utilities.

Carter made a brief visit to the school in its inception I believe. 'twas a youngster then and missed it. Or it was a person from his cabinet at staffer level who went with a letter from him.
Perhaps you could look closely at how much foreign policy had an effect on this.

Carter's Hostage crisis flared up in OPEC states as these inroads to energy independence were made. The Saudis now run the largest solar facility, and our tax dollars funded it.

Bush's texas ranch runs off geothermals. Only if it profits him is it run. How many millions do they send him and Saudis in the name of "research"?

Carter was an honest optimist , superconductors make this technology feasable entirely today. Cars can run on fully electric capacites that recharge as they run.

Time to bring back energy independence and push this matter. We are at a crossroads once again.
Mr.Murder |


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