Saturday, August 07, 2004

Yellow, Red, Orange...'rainbow of fear'

The Yellow submarine of terror alerts resurfaced this past week to correlate John Kerry's great acceptance speech. While reporting for duty as the Democratic nominee, he was undermined in headlines by Tom Ridge's announcements which were supposedly not specefic enough to be actionable.

Ridge has impeccable timing with these alerts, often using them to quell prisoner torture, Chalabi scandals, or economic downslide stories that begin to assert the failed leadership of GWB.

We are told that the information was targeting business centers. Fortunately someone has quit his job in the FBI to personally oversee security at the WTC on this information so they'll be safe...

Why the constant terror alerts? What gives? We do, specifically in appropriated tax funds...

It would appear the Patiot act's appropriations in its summary are a brief sentence to end the document.
Perhaps these constant warning upgrades in the listed, color coded threat levels allow for emergency appropriations. Bushco has many donors to take care of. *And using private companies is listed specifically as a way to fight terror and in fact is called for in the patriot act.* Perhaps such threat upgrades allow the stovepiping of funds to areas deemed appropriate by the Executive branch. To help him funnel terror funds into private business is Margaret Tutwiler the new appointed VP of the NYSE, a former James Baker protigee of the Reagan-Bush cabinets, an intermediary of the original October surprise and a fortmer Communications dean of the of the University of Alabama, a great person for inserting reporters sympathetic to Republican interests for over a decade in the southcentral and south east United States.Her family sold slant-drill oil heads to the Kuwait oil interests among whom Marvin Bush was a boardmember of in the late 80s/early 90s.

Also the Victims Fund of 1984 can be be used to draw emergency appropriations from in these matters. A nice side-note to the wide swath of actions granted the chief Executive.

Finally it is Ashcroft's duty to disclose this information to Congress,with regards to the work of translators. The outed AQ sympathizer was a double agent, perhaps working with us initially as a translator, yes?

(Sec. 205) Authorizes the Director of the FBI to expedite the employment of personnel as translators to support counter-terrorism investigations and operations without regard to applicable Federal personnel requirements. Requires: (1) the Director to establish such security requirements as necessary for such personnel; and (2) the Attorney General to report to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees regarding translators.

So the man to focus upon with leaks is actually Ashcroft at the DoJ. He is the person with the leverage to correct any media disclosures of him. He can serve warrants on these matters to damage control. Someone beneath him is probably the smoking gun, and he could be implicated as a racketeer abetting this.


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