Thursday, September 16, 2004

"I feel the need to point out that Great Britain has somehow managed to hold hearings for the suspected Al Queda they arrested recently without jeapordizing their sources.

Oh, wait, those sources were outed weren't they--by Condileeza Rice."
Dorothy | (atrios comments 9-17-04)

Hamdi's dad worked for exxon also? Condie Rice worked there.

Bet there's a paper trail or pipeline deal that someone had to make final out of this. Yellowcake in Nigeria- where Chevron pumps 2 million barrels a day of oil? Condie used to be on their board and had an oil tanker named after her? And the company has killed native Africans to drill oil there and keep the majority poor while doing so?

It is not like Condie really cares about going after real AQ members, ask Britain.

Finally, the release of Hamdi was an attempt to spin vote in Detroit and other key Muslim polling places as damage control. He was not given fair and speedy trial. In fact he was given no trial. He was 'released' ( so called lousy media pro-Bush spin for the term "deported") in time to make a save face in the diebold states. WHO (republicans in particular) cares if they don't vote or support the Bush regime domestically, the media Meme will be "Bush bounce among Muslims..." and let deibold steal the votes in a couple of key urban areas.

Final note- Ashcroft failed record as prosecutor rears its ugly head again.The next excuse will be precedent on Moussaoui- whose trial will send the AZ trail of energy lobby cash right up Ashcroft's alley. Just ask Arthur Andersen the Enron account company and compliant sniveling nod-along McCain. Find a way to mess that up next, not like the executive branch listened to the Phoenix memos anyways, or their appointess... all damage control that will feature redactions and delayed trial procedure to cover the evidence this was linked to.

If Hamdi was guilty why was he not brought to trial?
If he was innocent why was he held?
He is a U.S. citizen , having his rights waived via coercion and having been born here... people only seeing name and skin color have passed judgement. If he's guilty give a trial to see the facts and establish example of just cause, obviously such never existed in these regards or if it does the AG is simply not qualified enough to follow through. If no evidence to hold a citizen was available it is obvious that the Constitution has been breached.

This is an outrage. There are Muslims in our armed forces and in our communities who make our country great as much as anyone can or does ( the Osama I know of is a lifesaving surgeon by the way) and if we do not hold their rights in high regard we hold none in such esteem... A sad day for the founding ideals.
Mr.Murder | Email | Homepage | 09.17.04 - 1:44 am |(originally posted in atrios comments,


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