Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What Mike Moore did not tell us...

What Moore did not tell us...
by Mr Murder
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Fri Jul 2nd, 2004 at 22:36:43 GMT

What Moore did not tell us... some people never could connect the dots even when they are in straight line. Michael Moore lays out some numbers in logical order and follows the timeline as the media has failed to acknowledge. For the camera footage he specifically used perhaps not but he could have backed that information up with the following links which shows what was happening all along.These ducks are in a row on public record and anyone could take a shot at them, right Scalia?

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What Moore did not tell us...
Google John Ellis (no not John Ellis "JEB" Bush, the other inbred John Ellis in the family tree,
who worked Fox news and called FLA for Bush...

First link of his venture capital firm search on google which the CSpan boss man gave out listed mellon(scaife) bank.

He's so right(Ellis) we are just being elitist to go after his cousin's failed policies.
G.H. Venture Partners, a venture capital firm... other links suggest a vital role in Homeland Security and Patriot act subcontractors but they are a pay-to-see basis...

Surely it is just another coincidence, like the year 2000...

How could we know a monolith-worshipping chimp would herald mars and beat his way to the top of the primate pack with a braying jawbone of an ass and smirk as the defining moment to date of space exploration's industry?

My eyes are wide shut to the symbolic irony... so much to look forward to only to be thrown back. Just a matter of social darwinism applied to the finer aspects of evolution's progress and man's attempted enlightenment.Technology takes back seats to social darwinism every time.

Here is the pipeline trail... that Moore mentions in his movie in the making circa 1996.
Mellon-Scaife was a formative backer of the diebold ES&S trails that helped insert Noriega... Hagel used the same methods here.Minus the diebold office thefts Republicans are in the 40% range for state governorships and Congressional positions. Hagel in, Cleland out.And the band played on...

Diebold was directly involved with the efforts to quell attempts at limiting money transfers the terrorists used because of their ATM market share.

And this company has a list of superpower globalists and names of note. The case in point this thread is its relation to the vote scam that enabled Bush and the money trail that is directly related to 9-11 and the PNAC stratagems. Well the Finance Council in the first of those three links ties these seemingly unrelated elements together directly.

You see Moore could have told us this in the movie but that additional personas would distract the leadership failure of the Chief Executive.


Robert E. Allgyer, Partner, Arthur Andersen. (Enron's account firm and the initial appointed attorney for John Walker Lyndh).Gillespie and Enron are directly linked to Andersen.
Merlin L. Alper, Vice President and Deputy Controller, Madison Square Garden. (Paying the support at the RNC).
Imperial oil,Amaco,petroseed,Texaco, telecomms(Access,Motorola,Sprint,AT&T).

Joseph L. Dwyer Jr., Deputy Director, General Services, and Controller, U. S. General Accounting Office.

Ellis name? Gerald R. Ellis, Director, Xerox Services, Xerox Corp. (There is a CIA firm for you...the best Iran business link would be IBM and IBM-Xerox would perhaps be an item to search there... Chalabi connections?) They are making the mideast theirs and as long as their people hate us it gets overlooked...and vice-versa ad infinitum.
Linda A. Frietsch, Manager, West Coast Operations, Cisco Systems Inc.(Another INTEL lobby)
H. Russell Justice, Vice President, Facilities and Services, Walt Disney Co. (Hannity-Limbaugh)
Charles A. Bowsher, Comptroller General of the United States.

L. Patrick Deering, Chairman of the Board, Riggs, Counselman, Michaels & Downes Inc.(There is the Riggs-bin laden link via the money trail)

DynCorp (contractors anyone?)
McDonald's, Kmart,Sony,many more to list and the reason the media is silent because top pressure demands it.
Donald Ercole, Tax Partner, Ernst & Young.

Lorne H. Parker, Manager of Risk Management, Bechtel Group Inc. (Cheneyburton link)
Robert J. Smith Jr., President, Madison Insurance Co. (Madison knows Bush bailouts...)
Gordon J. Feeney, Vice Chairman, Royal Bank of Canada. Russell Banks.

Clyde E. Dickey, Partner and Senior Advisor, Arthur Andersen & Co. SC.
Dr. Gail H. Marcus, Office of Nuclear Reactor, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
AMA's newest center, located in Islamabad, provides state-of-the-art learning facilities



New York, N.Y. 10019-7420.

(tel.) 212-586-8100.

(fax) 212-903-8168.

AMA SARANAC LAKEP.O. Box 319, Trudeau Road.

Saranac Lake, N.Y. 12983.
Anyone pursuing a civil suit on 9-11 ought to subpoenae this group...and each company member listed in full for full disclosure and transparency.

So you see why the media is vested in this for ad revenues and telecomm stocks, the military industrial vertical integration across borders for global PNAC efforts, and the clincher:

Thomas F. McBride, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Ingersoll-Rand Co. (Ingersoll-rand, Condie Rand Rice! Their subcontractor firm in gemrany issues the paper trail and is run by an American).

The First Latin American Human Resources Conference was held in Buenos Aires in April. The theme was "How to Align Human Resources with Your Business Strategy," and the program attracted 150 participants. International speakers were led by Jac Fitz-enz of the Saratoga Institute; Cabot Jaffee, CEO of Electronic Selection Systems Corp.; and Kate Owen, [bold]British Petroleum's director of organizational development[/bold] and training.
South African Top Management Forum was keynoted by statesman [bold]Henry Kissinger[/bold] and Cyril Ramaphosa, secretary general of the African National Congress. The TMF, which was held in Johannesburg in October, attracted an audience of 113 senior executives, most of whom came from within South Africa.
Diebold is vested with the pipeline deal via this association, the media has too much fiscal interest to out this, Bush is doing the Kissinger/Perle PNAC bidding as told. The bin laden financiers are directly vested in the pipeline with Riggs Bank and directly linked to the Bush family's new world order.Diebold was probably the money transfer source for terror transfers.
The So Called Lousy Media is due an outing. They will not do it. Buddhists burned themselves in the street, Ghandi went on hunger strikes. It will take people doing things of such nature to demand action,civil disobedience. Thought King died so this would not happen again.

The guy wearing a black hood was ahead of the curve. We need to start a media campaign to interview him and see he is okay.

This is how much money you are up against. Moore didn't have time to tell this, giving voice to the people who have paid in human terms this miserable failure is what he featured, a story which tells itself for the most part and unites in shared tragedy.

The media is a cornered rat trying to discredit him , and republicans are shying away from Bush photo ops and head-on meetings with Dems on the talk show circle. Nothing left to do but let journalists interview one another about how brave they think each other is to tow the party line...
pravda plus commericals! the best of both worlds thanks to the new world order!

Moore just showed the dots, the SCLM refuses to connect


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