Friday, November 03, 2006

Ark. Reps make 1st District race into the worst district race...

"First District race about style"

"Rep. Marion Berry is being challenged by Cabot mayor Stubby Stumbaugh"
by Chuck Bartels (AP)

"US.Rep.Marion Berry says he'll be able to do more for his district if he is re-elected and Democrats regain the majority in the House. His Republican opponent, Mickey "Stubby" Stumbaugh, says Berry doesn't have much of a record to build on.
These men are running for the 1st District seat in Congress that Berry has held since 1977.
Stumbaugh, 39, is mayor of Cabot and worked 15 years as a police officer in Little Rock, where he drew 33 days worth of disciplinary suspensions. He has also gone through two divorces and one bankruptcy, though he says he has "learned from" all of his mistakes."

Please add this to the list of scandals on the GOP scorecard, and add mention of your note that the Arkansas republican party has ties to DeLay's dirty ARMPAC/Abramoff funding.


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